Hello everyone, my name is Libia Roldan McRobb and I lead the Justice and Peace group for St Anne’s parish in Chertsey. We have joined with the group at Christ Prince of Peace parish in Weybridge, while we get some experience, and more members to join our Chertsey group.

We meet once a month with the Weybridge group, usually in the evening, to discuss issues of Justice and Peace, and to find ways we can help.

In England and Wales there are currently 136 prisons. Recent figures place the prison population at 82,078 men, 3,895 women and 3,000 under 18s. England and Wales has the highest rate of child imprisonment in Western Europe and, at 10, the lowest age of criminal responsibility. Children in custody are 18 times more likely to commit suicide than their counterparts in the community.

What can we do?

Deacon Joseph said: ‘come and see’. The men’s prison at Brixton, the women’s prison at Ashford, and the youth centre are all welcoming new volunteers to come in to the prisons to give support in many different ways. All skills are welcome!

If you would like to visit a prison

– Please contact me at libiaeroldan@yahoo.com, or

Thank you very much,

God bless,

Libia   Libia