What is KIT?

KIT is a support and outreach programme for local Catholics.

It aims to reach out, to welcome, and to keep in touch with all local Catholics, whether or not they go to church.

It offers contact through home visiting to Catholics who have confirmed that they would welcome a visit, and  also offers small group meetings for returning Catholics. The small group meetings are lay-led meetings at which you can ask questions, deal with difficulties and learn about today’s Church in a friendly and informal atmosphere, without the need to commit yourself.


Why we need KIT in St Anne’s parish?

Your local church is made up of ordinary people, fragile and imperfect human beings. We are not perfect, but we are trying hard to be a true family where EVERYONE is welcome.


How can you become involved with KIT?

– Tell other Catholics in the parish about it, and/or

– Participate in KIT


The resources below offer further information about the KIT programme:

KIT poster

Leaflet – What is KIT


Contact us at: