TYG Friday is a Youth Group for young people aged 11-14 who can come together to meet in a safe and supervised environment. There are arts and craft activities and other structured events and trips throughout the year, but no one is forced to participate. For many it is just an opportunity to mix with others away from family and school.

The philosophy underpinning the ethos and activities organised by TYG Fridays is the Salesian Methodology that recognises that every young person is a unique creation of God with inalienable rights, including the right at all times to be treated with respect, recognising the dignity of all human beings. Each person connected with TYG Fridays, in whatever form, is entitled to equality of treatment and respect; irrespective of age, gender, sexual persuasion, religious affiliation, ethnic background and disability.

The emphasis of the group is about respect for yourself and others and the young people are expected to behave by the rules. They have their own committee and set their own rules and standards of behaviour. They also raise their own funds and ran stalls at the St Anne’s school summer circus but are always looking for donations of any kind and other funding and ideas to help us provide a wide and varied range of activities. Although connected with St Anne’s Catholic Church the group is open to anyone regardless of their Faith.

Activities have included golf, bowling/laser quest, pizza and pancake making, design-a-T-Shirt, as well as movie night and pop corn, and a BBQ.

Future dates TBC.