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All priests  Prayer for priests: Lord Jesus, we Your people pray to You for our priests . You have given them to us for our needs. We pray for them in their needs. Let them see You face to face in the Eucharist and serve You with true faith and charity. Amen. St. John Vianney, pray for them.

Betty Napper’s son-in-law Ronnie and her daughter DianneBert WaddingtonAndrea Bowmer, and Jill Evans

John Cox  who is in self isolation in Bognor Regis, away from family and Chertsey friends

Alex Ryan and family

Mike Notter’s intentions

Peter who is suffering from cancer, and his wife Tina

The health of Barbara Mills who is now finding walking too painful

The ongoing recovery of  Hildegard who has suffered a stroke

The continuing recovery of Josie Crosson from her episode of illness

The safety of the hospital workers at St Peter’s Hospital and the staff in care homes, and all those that they care for

The repose of the souls of

  • John Ryan
  • Lily Taylor
  • Dympna Gillespie
  • Dr Philip S N Huynh
  • Elizabeth Meara, twin sister of Stephanie Hunt
  • Peter Ford
  • Perry Harmon
  • Owen Thomas
  • Giancarlo Villani, father of Fr Marco
  • Michael Chang
  • Tom McKenna
  • Hugh Coyne
  • Adalgisa Maria Svedlund
  • Sheila Gavin


If you would like to add a prayer request to this list, please email the details to chertsey@abdiocese.org.uk or kit@stanneschertsey.org.uk